how soon we forget…


Even for the most seasoned New Englander, it’s tough to calmly find G-rated words to describe the winter we just went through. The photo above was taken on February 15, when there were somewhere between 3 and 4 feet of snow on our deck. All told, over 110 inches of snow – that’s just over 9 feet – fell in the Boston area during this winter. Like Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak, some records aren’t meant to be broken.

And yet when the mercury reached 72 degrees on Saturday, we were all smiles – as if being sequestered in a frigid hellscape for the winter was all forgotten. What is it about the human race that makes it so susceptible to collective amnesia? Whether it’s forgetting the pain of childbirth – without which we as a species would become extinct; or dismissing the horrible risks of going to war – which could be the end of us yet – we live inescapably in the now, only to start the cycle again.

Then again…


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  1. Arthur Guercilena says:

    Facing History and Ourselves.

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