future to the back


I’ve had to deal with back pain since August 1986, when I made the mistake of taking a “do-it-yourself” approach to moving a washer and dryer into a Charleston, SC rental home. So far I’ve been able to avoid surgery, subsisting on chiropractic, physical therapy and the occasional epidural injection, but the years haven’t been kind to disk L5-S1. The MRI above, taken in September of last year, shows a shrinking disk compounded by a stubborn bulge in the back of the disk.

overcast —
a dark spot
on my MRI

The latter feature is the source of persistent discomfort, enough so to keep me from exercising or even attempting low-impact yoga. I brace myself for a sneeze, and dread a loose shoelace or dropped change.

moonless night —
twisting too quickly
I see stars

Yesterday I had what turned out to be my final adjustment from a well-respected chiropractor. She lamented not being able to do more for me, and recommended that I seek out an orthopedic surgeon for more treatment options.

like a breakup
the chiropractor’s

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3 Responses to future to the back

  1. Bekah Witt says:

    Sweet Dad. I have always remembered you having back pain. Is this your new blog?

    • Hi Rebekah! Yes, it’s a new blog. I’ve found WordPress a bit easier to use and personalize than Blogspot. It also integrates nicely with Facebook and Twitter.

      When I first hurt my back, you, Bethany and Tim were all little – Tim wasn’t walking yet. It did improve in time, but the pain keeps coming back from time to time. All the snow we had this past winter didn’t help! On the plus side, treatment options have improved over the years, so I’m doing a bit of research to see if I could get back on track.

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