two months to go


I don’t want this to be one of those pain and recovery blogs, but I swear that since I resigned myself to have back surgery, the pain has gotten worse, the spasms more frequent, sleep more elusive, good days fewer and far between, and bad days making me wish I could just grab a plastic butter knife and do it myself.

So the surgery date is 21 September. In my current state, I wish it could be sooner, but I understand – intellectually at least – that continuing Physical Therapy will improve my potential for a speedy recovery. The problem is that pain and stiffness inhibit my ability – and desire – to follow up on exercise at home. The exercises themselves are not excessive, using gravity and not weights or anything that would cause discomfort. The roadblock is that the discomfort and stiffness are always there.

I am taking other steps to improve my current situation at home, setting up a stand-up workstation, for example. But if I could just have a remote that had the ability to fast-forward to the setting of “better”, it would be just dandy.

his gently arched back —
the beachcomber

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