dreams from heaven (dream sequence – part 32)


Now that my Mother’s getting older, she doesn’t walk very well. In my dream, however, I was having a tough time keeping up with her as she crossed street after street, meandering through a Queens neighborhood I didn’t recognize. She was very anxious to show me something, although I was having trouble figuring out what it might be. “Something from heaven” was about all I could make out.

Leaving the relative safety of shops and restaurants, we came upon a complex of apartments – something I would call “The Projects” growing up. I was almost certain we were lost, but my mother insisted that we were almost there.

Then she stopped, getting on all fours. She pointed to a dent in the brown grass, and next to it a pair of discolored marks in the sidewalk. “This is where he fell from heaven”.

Naturally I was more than a bit alarmed. “When did this happen?”
“Earlier today.”
“Have the police been here?”

She stood up. “The police don’t come here.”

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2 Responses to dreams from heaven (dream sequence – part 32)

  1. Mary Kendall says:

    Both surprising and touching–you carefully walk that fine line between humor and sentiment and in the end, your work really speaks to the reader. You’ve given us a very fine poem. Thank you for that.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! This was a dream I had this morning, or at least the dream fragment that I remember. Very poignant for me personally as my mother is really slowing down in her 80s.

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