a few more waits off my shoulders


Today I went through so many tests I’m pretty sure I qualify for some sort of honorary degree. All of it was prep for my upcoming surgery on the 21st.

It started with the admitting nurse asking questions about my medical history, but also getting a bit personal. Do I feel safe in my home? I suppose screening for domestic violence should never be out-of-place, but to me it seemed a bit of a non sequitur — a lot like this hamster.

Then I met with a nurse in the anesthesiology department. Not too many surprises. I know that it’s serious surgery and that I’ll be knocked out for several hours. And I also know that there are prescriptions I’ll have to stop taking at different intervals before the surgery. But cough drops?

Then into “the lab”, a small room with fluorescent lights and no windows. I received an EKG, sitting in a large chair that would have been extremely comfortable for anyone without chronic back pain. Having multiple pieces of tape attached to and then removed from my legs, arms and chest was something I could have done without. Then blood work, then a series of X-rays. Please, no more suspense! What kind of dog am I?

The pre-surgery meeting with the surgeon was somewhat anti-climactic. Do I have any questions? Yes — when will the Sox finally get some starting pitching?

Seriously, just be on your A-game and do your best. Hopefully my body will be able to take care of the rest.

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4 Responses to a few more waits off my shoulders

  1. an mayou says:

    try to steer clear of sick people. i notice a lot of them at hospitals. (disclosure: i live in colorado but have a new jersey sense of humor)

    • Funny! I think I remember some comic saying “a hospital is no place to be if you’re sick”. I didn’t mention all of the pre-surgery bathing instructions, but I’m sure it’s to protect against all of the germs one might find in a hospital. I’m already looking forward to being discharged and returning home.

  2. Peggy Bilbro says:

    Ah yes, the special pre-surgery soap! Then the nearly full-body painting with the orange stinky stuff that lasts longer than any suntan. Best wishes on your surgery. Perhaps the lead-up will be worse than the actual process.

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