counting down


My surgery takes place one week from today. This morning I had to eliminate aspirin from my “diet”, and throughout the week I’ll be doing the same with other medications in preparation for The Big Day. For 5 days I get to apply some vile “special sauce” to my body when I shower. All for the privilege of submitting to a scalpel. Why am I doing this again?

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8 Responses to counting down

  1. haikutec says:

    Wishing you all the best!

  2. Guy Resh says:

    Best of luck Paul! I’m sure you’ll be fine. My dad had to have a few vertebrae fused many years ago that was well worth the operation and I have another close friend who was in an auto accident that required a spinal implant (for pain mitigation) that has helped her for the past few years where she wasn’t even able to walk otherwise. Amazing how far they’ve come with “tech” :).

  3. Mary Kendall says:

    You’re doing this because your have HOPE, and that’s a good thing. I do hope it all goes smoothly and your recovery is quick. No one likes surgery…getting ready mentally is half the solution, I believe. Sending you many healing and caring thoughts.

  4. Susan Murata says:

    Best of luck!! I did not regret my (hip) surgery for a minute. You’ll be very happy
    you agreed to a surgical solution, I’m sure. (And we have the advantage – being in the Boomer generation – of having v e r y e x p e r i e n c e d surgeons!)

  5. paullt says:

    Greetings from Catalunya. Come out the other side and I’ll send you those The Fall tracks I owe you 😉

    You’ll be ‘reet as they say where i come from.

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