just around the corner


The milestones continue to pass en route to Monday’s surgery. About an hour ago I bid adieu to my workplace until I return, having wrapped up outstanding projects and documented sundry administrivia. Yesterday I started using a “special soap” during my morning shower, a vile liquid cleanser resembling a weak Burgundy mixed with Kool-Aid. I did not taste the concoction to confirm. The idea is to make sure the skin around incision is sterile. Have I mentioned that I own a dog?

Between work and the bustle of suburban life, I’ve been too busy to worry about the procedure itself. Now comes the weekend: reading the pre-op instructions for the umpteenth time, preparing an overnight bag, and trying to get a good night’s sleep before a deep, artificial sleep overtakes me on Monday morning and I wake up with a brand new scar.

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3 Responses to just around the corner

  1. Art Guercilena says:

    Good luck, Paul. I’ll be thinking of you Monday morning.

  2. Good Luck, Paul! יהיה בסדר

  3. Peggy Bilbro says:

    May it all go well for you! We will see you around the next corner with your smile back in place!

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