here goes nothing…


In about 24 hours I get to don one of those fashionable hospital gowns and lie down for what promises to be a nap I won’t soon forget. Ultimately, I hope I end up feeling better — preferably much, much better than I have for the past year or so.

I want to thank everyone who has offered a supportive word or two, those who have offered to pray or channel positive thoughts in my general direction. I’m not very good at being the center of attention, and am frankly looking forward to recovering as quickly as possible so as not to be on stage any longer than necessary.

It’s all downhill from here…

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3 Responses to here goes nothing…

  1. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and regaining strength and well-being quickly. K

  2. Mary Kendall says:

    It’s all UP hill from this point on. Focus on picturing your body healing easily and quickly and your back gaining strength and flexibility. We are all out here sending you good thoughts.

  3. Bill Waters says:

    May your surgery be such a success that you’ll be able to go skydiving for real (if you want to;- )!

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