winding down


Now that I’ve been on medical leave for four full weeks, it’s time to put away the sweat pants and “do the necessary” to live like an adult again. To this end, I’ve eliminated Oxycodone (pictured above in what appropriately looks like a police line-up photo) since Wednesday morning, only taking a single 10 mg Oxycontin at bedtime. My last pill will be taken on Monday night, after which I have my follow-up appointment with the surgeon. At this point it doesn’t do much beyond giving me weird dreams, but I’m content to follow the doctor’s advice and finish up the prescription.

In four weeks I’ve never once been bored, keeping up with my writing, getting up early enough to walk the dog with Mary and in total trying to walk 3 to 4 miles per day. It speaks well for retirement, which, while not in the immediate future, is close enough to have in the back of my mind.

I wish to thank everyone who’s been following along with the minutiae of my life. While it might take another year before we can call the fusion surgery a success, I’m already benefiting from not having the type of bone-on-bone pain I’ve been having for the past year. Be well, and be good to your backs – you only have one of them!

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2 Responses to winding down

  1. bajawannabe says:

    I am amazed at your quick recovery and so happy to hear that you are pain free! What a great thing! And, knowing you won’t be bored in retirement is a big plus! 🙂

  2. Bill Waters says:

    So glad your surgery is behind you and your health is showing steady improvement! :- D

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