dream sequence – part 37


Now that I’m back on a regular sleep schedule (read: going to bed too late and waking up too early), I’m not remembering many of my dreams. This morning, however, we managed to sleep in and I had a dream in which I remember only two fragments.

First, a group of four of us drove across a mountainous terrain toward what we were certain was a nearby coastland. The hills reminded me of the Yorkshire Dales or the Scottish highlands, both of which made me skeptical that the ocean was really nearby. Eventually, however, there was an abrupt decline toward a sleepy beachside village, and I found myself experiencing a rare second wind.

At this point, it was down to two of us, and it was getting dark. I stumbled toward what seemed to be a pier in considerable disrepair, extending out into the ocean as an act of jaded resignation. As I walked along the pier, I suddenly realized that I was alone. And when I turned back to look for you, much of the pier had sunk below the surface, and continued to fall to the ocean floor.

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