lost dreams


I’ve had some interesting dreams lately, mostly in the pre-dawn hours, when the previous day’s exhaustion has faded but the new day’s challenges have begun to drive a wedge between the conscious and the semi-conscious. It’s a volatile time in terms of human memory, and I have to admit that I don’t remember a single detail about any of these dreams except that they were so vivid that I can kick myself for not remembering them.

I can tell you that most were ruminations on the past — attempts to replay circumstances with the benefit of hindsight and such. But most also interchange characters whimsically — with no rhyme or reason — and perhaps for that reason my brain simply can’t retain what ends up being an ever-changing narrative.

There is a recurring theme, however. The dreams all depict nighttime scenes: parties, arguments, workplace challenges. As we approach winter’s doorstep, darkness is the omnipresent backdrop. Ultimately it’s a bridge to itself, and I dare not do anything but cross it.

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