future to the back – 3 months later


I had my 12-week follow-up visit with the back surgeon today, and he was very happy with my progress. I am too, notwithstanding some soreness and stiffness I’ve been experiencing for the last week or two. I’m told it’s par for the course and can be expected for the next 6 to 12 months.

The road ahead now includes physical therapy, through which I hope to gain some flexibility and range of motion. That said, there’s a part of me that wishes I didn’t know that the above image is an x-ray of my lower spine as of yesterday, with an interbody cage where my L5-S1 disc used to be and two pairs of screws holding it in place. While I’ve never subscribed to the belief that ignorance is bliss, knowledge — while very much the source of power — cannot be unknown.

take a deep breath and hold —
the titanium
that holds me together

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2 Responses to future to the back – 3 months later

  1. bajawannabe says:

    I’m glad your recovery is going well!

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