dream sequence – part 42


Some people have recurring dreams about being able to fly, or of possessing some fantastic superpower. I dream about being hopelessly lost, unable to find my car, or, as was the case early this morning, unable to find a bathroom with a working shower.

A common theme in my dreams is being late for something. In this case, I was late for work, compounded by the fact that the house I was living in had changed dramatically overnight. There were rooms with floors at 45-degree angles. Bedrooms were precariously perched in between floors, requiring ladders or dangerous leaps. Closets were scattered randomly throughout the house, without regard for proximity to bedrooms or bathrooms. The aforementioned bathrooms either had no showers at all, or several non-functional shower heads and fixtures at seemingly arbitrary heights. I nearly gave up, resigned to bathe myself with a washcloth, but one of the shower heads in a bathtub full of them managed to dispense a reliable stream of warm water.

Toweling myself dry, I hurried to put on a shirt and underwear, but couldn’t locate a pair of pants. My subconscious is not above taking me to work in my Fruit-of-the-Looms, but I was nearly awake and determined to leave the house fully clothed. Unfortunately I woke up before I succeeded, leaving me to wonder. Until next time…

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