dream sequence – part 43


It was a refreshing change not to have a dream about getting lost or being trapped. Instead, we were moving – to Potsdam, NY. As is usually the case in dreams, the reasons behind this move were left unexplained. What was clear was that neither of us were particularly happy about it, convincing ourselves that it was short-lived. Accordingly, we resolved to rent an apartment rather than buying a house, putting books and much of our furniture in storage and moving a manageable subset of our household goods 6 hours away.

The moving van already on its way, we had dinner with friends at a restaurant before setting off under cover of darkness. About an hour into the trip, we realized that we had stowaways – two of the teen-aged children of our friends had hidden in the back of the SUV with our luggage, as had a waitress from the restaurant. Evidently the kids’ parents didn’t miss them, as we hadn’t heard received any phone calls. After another otherwise uneventful hour or two, we pulled over for gas and a midnight snack. The waitress got behind the counter of one of the food concessions, while the kids looked on. We made a run for it, ditching them at the rest stop.

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