dream sequence – part 44


this morning’s dream sequence is a bit more typical in that I only remember a fragment of it. In truth it was more convoluted and busy, but I’ve forgotten all but one detail.

We drove a fairly long distance to get to a port town, and when I made the turn to enter the bridge, I immediately noticed that something was wrong. There was no bridge.

It’s not like the bridge was incomplete, or in disrepair — there was no evidence that there had ever been a bridge in that location.

Indeed, the GPS didn’t show a bridge either, but I just knew there had been a bridge there. I went so far as to ask a friendly passerby, who assured me that while the local government keeps talking about building a bridge, it’s yet to happen in all the years he’d been living there. Others told me similar stories, all somewhat amused by the question.

My own certainty began to concern me.

was it only a dream?
the bridge
that wasn’t there

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