when the river runs dry


Many of my recent blog posts have been attempts to capture dreams in written form. I went through a fairly impressive streak of several nights in a row with vivid dreams that I remembered long enough to capture them in words a few hours later, but the past week has been more typical for me — an even longer stretch during which I remember none of my dreams at all.

I’ll confess that I don’t place much weight on dream interpretation; I write about my dreams more as an exercise than as an exploration. While I have a minor in Psychology, I’m of the opinion that my dreams are little more than a hyperactive subconscious working through a backlog of suppressed or unresolved thoughts.

More importantly to me, having regular dreams means that I’m getting enough of the deep sleep vital to one’s physical and mental well-being. And while the river has been dry for some seven days, the rain clouds are never far away.

dreamless sleep —
in the arroyo

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