all roads lead to Cochituate


Officially, Cochituate is an unincorporated village in the town of Wayland. While it comprises only one-quarter of the area of Wayland, it houses about half of its population. Traditionally, it’s been the blue-collar, working-class counterpart to the rest of Wayland, home to Boston financiers and the owners of businesses residing in Cochituate.

All of this is an aside to the real subject of this post, that of Cochituate Road — or should I say, “Cochituate Roads”? As best I can tell having lived here for over 18 years, there are two streets named “Cochituate Road”, and neither one of them is actually in Cochituate.

When one crosses into Cochituate from Natick via Route 27, it remains North Main Street, perhaps a nod to its history as part of Natick over two centuries ago. Once Route 27 crosses out of Cochituate into Wayland proper, it becomes… Cochituate Road.

Still with me? Route 30 is another major highway that passes through Cochituate, where it’s known as Commonwealth Road (not to be confused with the more famous Commonwealth Avenue of downtown Boston), but once crossing into Framingham, it becomes… that’s right, Cochituate Road.

Are you lost yet? Not to worry — all roads lead to Cochituate eventually.

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