daylight savings


I’ve always had trouble understanding how turning the clock ahead by an hour around the time of the Spring solstice could possibly “save daylight” for the next six months. It’s a con we all willingly buy into; a collusion of time manipulation that guarantees late-night barbecues and lingering morning darkness. I can dress for work with unmatched socks without this whole exercise — thank you very much!

But to be exhausted beyond comprehension and yet see the pale remnants of sunlight — the exhilaration is difficult to put into words. Who dares to embrace the night when the sun is so obstinately present?

We humans defined months and days, pairing them with the names of gods and distilling them to hours, minutes and seconds. We can defer our sunsets to the perfect amber moment, when pinot noir collides with ennui and we can all embrace our nightly denouement.

tell me again
how losing an hour
is saving daylight

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