to keep them all safe from harm


Our dog has discovered that rabbits are great fun to chase. Not the smartest of animals, they seem determined to find the most counter-intuitive route of escape when in danger. Tito has gotten very close a few times, making me wonder when I’ll be pressed into service as an undertaker – a role I took on frequently when our dog Bonita was alive.

So it’s hardly surprising that I recently had a dream in which I came upon a baby rabbit in my front yard. The rabbit clearly saw me, but instead of hopping away, it locked a frightened, unblinking eye on me. I reached over to gently pick it up, and it buried its head in my shoulder, trembling.

I realize this dream was not about baby rabbits. With all five children and eight grandchildren on the move within the next two months, my subconscious is in¬†overdrive, wondering where the time went, wishing I could press the “pause” button. As a parent, the last thing I want to do is to deprive my children of the next adventure in their lives; but I can’t help wanting to keep them all safe from harm.

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