now I get it


For nearly 20 years I’d lived in Massachusetts and had never been to Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard, baffled at why so many around me would religiously brave traffic and summer crowds to go to “The Cape” or “The Vineyard” for a couple of days. Having finally made the pilgrimage myself two weekends ago, I finally get it.

The idea of being two hours away from a laid-back vacation lifestyle is extremely attractive. Never mind the fact that there are backups at the bridge, or that the restaurants are packed with other Bostonians attempting the same brief escape. It’s a respite that’s easily attainable – if only for a weekend at a time.

I even fantasized about moving there from Cochituate, of making it our home base in the U.S. after I retire. The fact is that real estate is even more expensive on The Cape than it is in the Metro West, and many we know who live there full-time tire of the summer crowds and lament the miserable winters. We’d also be missing the whole dynamic of the weekend getaway, a special go-to place less than 100 miles away.

Still, I was able to relax more during that weekend than I have in months, and I wouldn’t mind doing that much more often.

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2 Responses to now I get it

  1. rodandar says:

    Hey Paul – Glad you finally got a chance to enjoy the peacefulness of the Cape. As someone who has a home in Dennis and lives here about 35% of the time these days, thought I’d share a few thoughts.

    Crowds – if you have a place here, then you can travel at any time and generally avoid traffic. Yeah, sometimes it’s unavoidable, but that’s life in general. And the restaurants and beaches are more crowded – but I just like to share this beautiful place on earth. And besides, I can eat at home!

    Real Estate – The thing about the Cape is that there is always a lot of real estate on the market. Yep – you’re gonna pay a premium for anything really close to water, but there are a lot of options and a lot of conservation land to be near, etc. – and you’re never really far from water anyway.

    You do lose a bit of the “getting away” feeling, I admit that. However, the cure for that is to look around, breathe the air, listen to birds and be thankful that you live in such a place all the time.

    Winters – well, we’ll see. I haven’t spent full winters here, but winter is winter. The Cape generally gets less snow overall, and as far as winters go, that’a good thing. 🙂 And perhaps winter getaways will become a more consistent theme in our lives…


  2. Dan,

    Thanks for your comments! I definitely appreciate the perspective of someone who is more than the occasional weekend visitor. I remain completely smitten at this point and am already plotting the next getaway, tentatively setting my sights on the upcoming off-season in September or early October. As for real estate, I’ve heard that the willingness to walk to the water instead of viewing it from your living room will improve one’s buying power. Heck, any place with the ocean within walking distance sounds like heaven to me.


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