scraping the sky


I was already living in Massachusetts on 9/11, but my horror brought me right back to New York — to that view of the lower Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, to the view from the tenth floor of the Hofstra library some 20 miles away, to the view looking straight up from the foot of the tallest building in the World.

I suppose there is a certain arrogance that comes with building a tower tall enough to reach heaven. It’s the same hubris that drives us to land on the moon, to ride Niagara Falls in a barrel or to jump out of an airplane. It’s that persistent denial of our own mortality, our inherent limitations, our collective common sense.

A cat will climb a tree only high enough to escape the jaws of a barking dog. We, ostensibly the more intelligent species, must climb as high as possible.

Was it 15 years ago, or was it yesterday?

thunder —
another dream
about the Towers

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