The Hamilton Phomenon


First of all, it wasn’t even yesterday’s biggest news surrounding the incoming administration. Earlier in the day, the man who regularly bragged that he didn’t settle lawsuits agreed to a $25 million settlement to end the fraud cases pending against the defunct University that bore his name. And while it means that over 6,000 victims of this unabashed scam can recoup some of their losses, the sum amounts to pocket change for the billionaire, who can now return his focus to trying to silence his critics.

His latest target was an unlikely one – the cast of “Hamilton” – who delivered this message to VIP guest Mike Pence after the performance had ended. The words were pointed, but respectful, from a diverse cast concerned about a presidency that frankly leaves many of its members feeling particularly vulnerable. Mike Pence is an especially worrying part of the new regime, and as leader of Trump’s transition team, the right-wing extremists he has assembled to lead our country are cause for great concern; hence the impromptu speech.

Trump’s response was not surprising: in one of his trademark twitter tantrums, he demanded an apology. By doing so, he missed out on extraordinary opportunity to be Presidential. Instead of lashing out at his critics, he could have acknowledged the dilemma and offered to understand legitimate grievances. Why not say “I hear your concerns and promise to be catalyst for uniting this country”? Such graceful, unselfish behavior is not part of the Trump playbook. Settling lawsuits? Now you’re talking.

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1 Response to The Hamilton Phomenon

  1. Mary Kendall says:

    What a great suggestion you offer…if only he’d taken that chance to open up a conversation and to be Presidential. Sadly, he did not. Another missed opportunity.

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