nowhere to go


I blog a lot about my dreams. I don’t do this to gain insight into my subconscious — as if it were trying to send me important messages from some Central Command — but rather as an opportunity to explore writing in prose. As dreams are often fragments, it’s difficult to find some sort of narrative to follow. If there’s a thread that binds the fragments together, I can remember them long enough to capture it all in writing. Hence my many “dream sequence” posts.

I remember dreams in bursts that last a few days, and then I can go for days or weeks without remembering so much as a fleeting image or sentence fragment. I’m in a bit of a dry spell these days, sleeping like a rock but without a dream to show for it. I attribute the change to an adjustment to work life after a glorious 8 days of vacation. Relaxation can wreak havoc with one’s natural tendency toward stress, one of my favorite dream triggers. Eliminate the stress — even for a little while — and the subconscious runs out of raw material.

So I’m daydreaming instead, staring at a tidal pool long enough to see an oasis.

silent snow
secret snow —
when dreams elude me

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