dream sequence – part 63


We had just purchased a new home — actually a big old one — and were making our initial walk-through before moving in. We weren’t alone. There were still people living in the house.

Finding the stragglers proved a bit problematic. We could hear voices, as well as a very vocal cat, but every time we entered a room we thought to be the source of the sound, we found it empty, while the noises persisted. We started to wonder if there was a secret room in the house with all walls but no doors. It was driving us crazy.

Outside, my father was weeding the garden — or at least trying to. I kept finding dandelions where he had supposedly already weeded, so I followed behind him pulling up one he had missed.

He wasn’t happy. “I already did that spot,” he said. Not wishing to argue, I said “This one must have been hiding from you.”

When I woke up, neither the dandelions nor our unwelcome house guests had been completely weeded out.

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