the consequence of sound


In what has become an expensive but irresistible habit, I had the opportunity to hijack an hour of airtime from the James Dean Deathcar Experience on WMBR, MIT’s radio station. It was my ninth time pretending to be DJ for one hour, and as always it was both great fun and a great privilege. The playlist can be found here, and an archive of the entire hour-long joyride can be found here. Be sure to buckle up!

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2 Responses to the consequence of sound

  1. Hermes_77 says:

    Pretending to be the DJ, calling the shots, playing God. A world you make day by day with every track, a story you craft.

    It appears as though you might be the lone survivor here in the blogosphere. Everyone I know has gone away….. it’s rather sad. 😦

  2. I blog only occasionally these days. I’m still writing – mostly haiku – and can be found most often on Twitter at @pauldavidmena. Angela (cinnacism) doesn’t blog much any more but is fairly active on Facebook, as is Chuck (trite remarks). I’m in touch with them fairly regularly through a CD club and other mutual interests. I hear from Cynthia every once in awhile and fell out of touch with Iris for no particular reason.

    It’s funny – my kids are the same way. I’ve raised them to be independent and then grow melancholy when I don’t hear from them for awhile. Occasionally one will move back home (a.k.a. the Baby Boomer Boomerang) and I can’t wait for them to leave. Humans are so perverse.

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