Lost Wages


I can’t think of too many things more surreal than spending Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, so naturally that’s what we did this past year. Our true reason for being there was the Las Vegas Invitational basketball tournament; everything else about Las Vegas was a bonus.

We didn’t gamble. Apart from attending the tournament’s four games, we ate a lot of good food and basically watched people interacting with machines and monitors at the casinos. I also wrote quite a bit, some of which I’ll share here.

morning sun —
a small dog
in a travel bag

waiting to board
high rollers
and their baggage

jet lag:
the time between coffee
and beer

now boarding
all of the passengers
more special than me

delayed departure —
they called me
a late bloomer

friendly skies —
the pilot wishes
he had better news

all night long
the slot machine

waking from a dream
a golden pyramid
in the desert

Thanksgiving morning —
grandma cleans house
at blackjack

Thanksgiving buffet
I eat
my feelings

double shift —
the cocktail waitress serves
a whiskey sour

one day after Thanksgiving
Santa wears
a cocktail dress

Black Friday
what happens in Vegas

final nightcap —
a drunk couple’s
angry conversation

Vegas midnight —
row after row
of flashing lights

Vegas midnight —
the serenity of a
broken slot machine

the art
of the deal
with the devil

magic trick —
the weekend

desert night —
an adult book store’s
guiding light

above the Vegas haze
Nevada moonlight

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1 Response to Lost Wages

  1. sarawinteridge says:

    Really paints a picture, Paul, and transports the reader

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