dream sequence – part 74


Despite being routinely punctual in real life, I have quite a few dreams about running late for one reason or another and rushing to get some place with increasing urgency and increasingly frustrating results. This morning I had another such dream.

As is often the case, I had no idea why I was rushing, where I was going, or even where I was. My subconscious had fabricated a completely fictitious location populated by anonymous people. I spotted what I thought was my Uber ride (something I’ve yet to experience in my waking life) in front of an official-looking building and jumped into the back seat of a nice new SUV. While it was clear that the driver was alarmed to see me, he made no effort to remove me from the vehicle or even to ask me who I was.

Another man walked up to the passenger window of the car from the sidewalk and motioned to the driver, who promptly jumped out of the car and opened up a rumble seat in the front of the car, where the car’s engine would normally be. This new passenger shot a disdainful glance at me known in the dog world as “stink eye”. The driver also eyed me warily, but nevertheless put the vehicle in drive, pulled away from the curb and drove toward our destination.

During the brief drive, I wondered about the other passenger’s special seating arrangement. Why wasn’t I offered the rumble seat? Maybe this person was being honored at some official event, and sought to make a grand entrance. We drove only a block or two before I realized that I was very wrong.

We pulled into an urban cemetery, driving slowly and deliberately. I suddenly remembered that I had somewhere else to be and wondered how I had ended up in yet another entirely different place and scenario. As I felt myself waking up, I debated the merits of making a quick, unexplained exit. When I sat up in bed, I realized that my alarm would sound in about 15 minutes.

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