The Great Gig in the Sky


Last week my Dad, Wilfred David Mena, was called up to the Big Leagues at the age of 87. Those who knew him knew of his love for gritty infield play and gutsy inside pitching as well as his disdain for free agency and the designated hitter.

Those who knew him also knew of his love for my mother Gladys, his wife of nearly 62 years. She remains his biggest fan, as do his sons, Joe, Mike and me.

This isn’t an obituary — that will come in time — but rather a loving snapshot of my Dad, whom I miss terribly.

curtain call —
the veteran pulled
for a pinch hitter

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10 Responses to The Great Gig in the Sky

  1. Susan Nelson says:

    Oh, my. I’m so sorry for your loss, Paul. And such a moving tribute to your father.

  2. Earl Keener says:

    Sorry for your loss.(Though, those we love DO stay with us.) A nice tribute… stay well, and safe.Earl

    • Thanks, Earl. My Dad would have given me “the look” if I dared to get overly sentimental, so I hoped to strike the right tone. My wife and I are hunkered down here on Cape Cod and hope that you’re staying safe and sane.

  3. My sincere condolences, Paul. My father transitioned back in ’97, yet I still sense him near me every day. I hope you and your family have that feeling in abundance, my friend.

    • I had a dream the other night that he and I were watching baseball on TV. The batter hit a long home run and stood at home plate a little longer than necessary to admire it, adding a showy bat flip. My Dad said “I don’t like that.” Now I’m going to hear that every time a batter showboats like that.

  4. mikerehling says:

    My thoughts are with you…

  5. Matthew Paul says:

    So sorry to hear this, Paul. Take care.

  6. Jeffrey Glatstein says:

    Sorry for your loss. Beautifully said.

  7. Ronald Duphily, Jr says:

    Sorry for your loss Paul. If there is anything we can do, please let me know.

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