dream sequence – part 83

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

As Robyn Hitchcock would say, I often dream of trains, although admittedly far more often back when I used to commute into Boston from Cochituate. But I digress.

Last night – or should I say early this morning – was one of those times. I had several fragmented dreams in rapid succession, each lasting only seconds before I abruptly woke up and attempted to take mental notes. At one point a cow nonchalantly walked up the street in front or our house wearing a sign advertising a VPN. But again, I digress.

Minutes later I was on an uncrowded train in a foreign city. I stared out the window vacantly when I noticed a large billboard clearly placed to attract the attention of passengers. The billboard had capital letters in bold black print spelling out a message in a language I didn’t understand – with the following exception: in bold red capital letters I clearly read my name.

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