dream sequence – part 58


I’ve spent the past few weeks debating whether or not I can “cut the cord”, that is, eliminate my cable subscription in favor of streaming the programs Mary and I like to watch via the internet. There’s plenty of information about how to do it, and I’ve had a number of friends offer advice and share their experiences, almost universally positive. Nevertheless I’ve yet to pull the proverbial trigger.

All of which leads to last night’s dream, in which I’ve made the fateful decision and am trying to figure out how to use the new remote to navigate through a brand-new layer of menus and settings. As often happens with Social Media, I’m frequently distracted, discovering channels I’ve never heard of before reluctantly extracting myself from the rat hole and focusing myself on a task that is part frustration and part wide-eyed wonder.

I come upon a channel featuring live webcams in various places, and naturally I let myself get distracted visiting exotic locales at the press of a button. One less exotic location is my workplace. There are several webcams set up throughout the building, not for security as much as to capture the bustle of an edgy, high-tech company. One of them overlooks my desk, where I am sitting in front of a pair of monitors, typing away at this blog.


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